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      Jiangxi  HongAn  security  equipment Co., Ltd.

      Telephone0791-88449989 88213696

      Mobile phone13807913563




      Address: 南昌市青山湖區昌東工業園東升大道2479號




      Jiangxi HongAn security equipment Co. Ltd., is located in the heroic ticyNanchang. It used to be Nanchang Hong'an Electrical Industry Co. Ltd.,which is one of the professional manufacturers with powerful enterprise strength specializing in product reach,production and sales. The company covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, its construction area reaches  more than 9000 square meters, it possess fixed assess  more than 30 million .

      There are a group of outstanding designer and technicist, Owning to their powerful Technology development strength, the company possess all kinds of serious products like caution light ,alarm apparatus ,vehicle lights,special equipment and so on.

      Most of them have applied for national patent. The production complies with international standards,through the ISO9001 international quality certification and  have passed the test of the  Ministry of public security traffic safety products  quality  inspection center.

      The Company’s tenet is technology thrive corporation, quality is uppermost and user comes first ;the interprise spirit is to be honest,dedicated,pioneering and diligent,the managerial principles is management creats benifit ,exist on quality and innovation promote development.The company struggle to be the first-rate manufacture by actively exploring the market,establishing nice corporate image,training and attracting talent .The company is willing to cooperate sincerely with the people of all circles,warmly welcome new and ole customers to use products of HongAn.

      江西洪安安防設備有限公司 0791-88449989 地址:南昌市青山湖區昌東工業園東升大道2479號  技術支持:匯航科技贛ICP備05009970號-1